Prepping the blog for the worldwide, global, interplanetary and possibly intergalactic release of More Good Than Harm.

Famous last words, but if all goes according to plan, I will finish my first, full-length album in about a month. I’ve decided to call the album More Good Than Harm, which neatly sums up my brain injury, I think, because while being light-headed, twitchy and prone to headaches is no fun, I am still better off after my accident than before: I’m married, kids on the way, doing music. Before the accident, however, I was a modern urban cliché: successful, cynical, self-absorbed, and unhappy.

I confess, with kids coming and more need than ever to earn money and save a bit, I have struggled to find the time to dot the I’s and cross the T’s for my album. But last week, Catherine and I took one last vacation as non-parents and headed to Palm Springs, where I spent most of every day polishing lyrics poolside for the final tracks. (What a luxury, I know!) I found, in between dips in the pool and sips of icy, cool water that the best time of day for writing was near evening, as temperatures dropped from the low hundreds into the high 90s and the light was less bright and the colors of the pool and trees and hillside behind the hotel were richer with depth and shadow. Man, I love writing outside in late light.

Today, I am back in SF and I plan to go through my notebook and enter everything into Google Docs. Then, it will be just a matter of a few more record dates and mix dates and I will be done. Truly, I will.