An update on my version of Chinese Democracy.

To all the people who have continued to visit this blog despite my many broken promises to deliver an album by such and such a date, I thank you very much for sticking with me. The album is coming, soon. Here's the lowdown (or downlow, if you're hip):

Next week, on February 24, Jaime and I will mix the final tune, polish a few others and create a master CD, beta, which I will listen to incessantly for about a week to determine the best song order (I know, why bother in this digital age?).

Once I've decided on a song order, all tracks will head off to John Cuniberti for mastering, during which time I will finish designing the artwork, then I'll send everything to Oasis CD for printing. If all goes according to plan, the music will be available sometime in March.

More changes: after much twiddling of thumbs and furrowing of brow, I have finally decided to simply call the album Cerebellum Blues, which will also be the name of the virtual "band" behind the music. In other words, everything will be marketed under Cerebellum Blues, so that I have a consistent, clear presence across my sites and fully leverage a phrase (cerebellum blues) that I own lock, stock and two smoking barrels, so that searches of cerebellum blues will lead to me. Yes, my name had the same powah in the search world (Jeff Shattuck is unusual enough) but it's just not intriguing, I don't think. Plus, you hear a name like that and you're thinking singer/songwriter, or at the very least a single male vocalist or a key musician (think Santana), neither of which describes me. 

And so, I will have a blog (this one), a bandcamp page (under construction here), a Facebook page (under construction, but you can see it here) and a YouTube channel (just starting work on this) — all under the CB name. I feel good about this, so if you think I'm nuts, please keep my mental health in mind before you comment!

Stay tuned.