• I’m fooling myself. The album is officially on hold for, um, awhile.

Parenthood has caught me by surprise, I can’t deny it. I knew it would be demanding, but I had no idea just how demanding it would truly be, and as a result, I am finally accepting the undeniable fact that my album is not merely delayed — it’s on hold. Maybe for a month, maybe two, maybe more. Yes, the music is 95% done, but there’s so much more to do, including album design, copyright registration, ASCAP registration, the process of making my web presences consistent and on and on. Oh, and I need to put some sort of PR strategy in place. Meanwhile, there are two little girls whose entire lives are ahead of them, and I will be damned if they start those lives with me focusing more on my album than on them. I would regret that for all time. In fact, I already regret feeling a little peeved at times because I’ve had to stop whatever musical thing I was doing in order to change a diaper or adjust a pacifier or prepare a bottle. And that’s just not right. These girls are going to be infants for only a flash of time and I can’t be dividing my time between them and something that can wait. Besides, I’ve been working on my album for nearly four years, what’s another month or even year?

I will continue to post to this blog, so I hope my few (and highly treasured) readers stay with me. And the album will come out. But the girls come first. And work, which I haven’t written about much, now matters more than ever. I’m not full-time (yet), but I’m working toward that and hope my brain cooperates. So, in effect, music is now third on my to do list. But it’s still on the list!