• Kenny Loggins Songwriting Seminar and Critique at GIT in 1986-7: Part One, answering pre-submitted questions.

The other day, I posted about how I had dug up an old recording of Kenny Loggins giving a songwriting seminar at MI (Musicians Institute, formerly G.I.T.). Well, here is the first part of his talk, during which he answers questions that were pre-submitted by students. His honestly, insight and eloquence are impressive. I’ll post parts two, three and four as soon as they're ready. 

1 - What made you become a songwriter? by Cerebellum Blues

2 - Did you ever study the pop format? by Cerebellum Blues

3 - What are some of the co-writing techniques you used with Jimmy Messina? by Cerebellum Blues

4 - Do you start with music or words first? by Cerebellum Blues

5 - How important is the hook? by Cerebellum Blues

6 - Do you write better on the road or at home? by Cerebellum Blues

7 - Do you have formal training in music theory? (0:45) by Cerebellum Blues