• The view from my songwriting couch.

A view of Alcatraz from Sam Breach on Vimeo.

Since moving into my current apartment in 2007, I have spent an awful lot of time on the living room couch, most of it with my head back against a cushion, a guitar in my hands and my feet propped up on the coffee table. Often, I do my serious songwriting at night, but there have been plenty of days, too, that I whiled away with chords, rhythms, melodies and words. I can’t say I’ve had many songs begin on this couch, but most have been brought to near finish here or at least far enough along to be put into Pro Tools. I’ll write more about this couch in the future, but my time is so tight these days, I have to keep things brief. In the meantime, please watch the above time-lapse video of the view from my couch, which was shot by Sam Breach. You can see more of her incredible photo work here. Enjoy.