• The album is in the can. Well, not the “can” but, oh, you know what I mean!

All hail Jaimeson Durr. Last night, just as I was putting down Steven Tyler’s new autobiography and getting ready to snooze, I gave my phone one last email check. I’d been waiting for Jaime to send me the final mixes for the two remaining tracks on my album, but the clock was nearing 11:00 PM and I was starting to think he was going to hold off sending me anything until the next day. But there it was. The Email. I turned to Catherine and said, “I have to go listen to some mixes.” And they were good. Very good. Jaime had done a magnificent job of balancing the various instruments and vocals, and I went to bed knowing that after 4 ½ years, I was finally done with my first album. I would love to write more about the experience, but I will have to do it another day. No time right now. Stay tuned!