• A free song from my upcoming album.

Everyone reading this blog -- the multitudes, the millions! -- have put up with a LOT. I have lost track of how may times I’ve posted that the album was just around the corner only to turn said corner and get hit by a truck. Surprise delays have been caused by everything from the not-so-cool (money woes, health issues, a lengthy legal battle with my disability insurance company, technical difficulties, my more-than-occasional idiocy, harsh but persuasive criticisms, second thoughts, third thoughts, fourth thoughts, a hangover here and there, inexperience, etc.) and the cool (marriage, twins, more work than I expected). But today, all that is behind me. All that’s left to do is perform some copyright updates, make a few artwork fixes, and get CD manufacturing and uploading rolling. The album itself is done. Done!

In the coming weeks, I’ll start posting about the individual songs on the album, including the one I’m offering today (which I've posted before, but this is the fully finished and mastered version). I’ll do my very best to make the gory details of the writing and recording and recording process interesting by keeping technical stuff to a minimum and focusing on the people and the songs. Can. Not. Wait. To. Get. Started.