• Thinking back on when I first launched Cerebellum Blues, and how different things were. Myspace, Facebook, etc.

Today is August 15, 2011. I started my music project in late 2006. And all I can say is, what a difference a few years makes. Here’s a partial list:

MySpace - (then) The ugliest site on the web for musicians. (now) Even uglier.
Facebook - (then) A spec in MySpace’s rearview mirror. (now) A spec out MySpace’s front windshield.
Twitter - (then) Home of an annoying whale. (now) A big fish.
Bandcamp - (then) Answer to a movie trivia question. (now) The best site for DIY musicians.
iTunes - (then) Aptly named. (now) Unfortunately named.
Tunecore - (then) Digital only. (now) Whatever you got.
CDBaby - (then) Aptly named. (now) Unfortunately named.
3G - (then) You will. (now) You are.
iPhone - (then) You mean iMac, right? (to) iPhone therefor I am.
Apps - (then) You mean, like, Oracle apps? (now) The new crack.
Android - (then) A favorite character of sci-fi flicks. (now) A mobile OS that just plain pisses off Steve Ballmer (what doesn't?). 
Pro Tools - (then) Pony up, pal, you got no other real choice. (now) What’s Logic?
Yahoo! - (then) Yahoo! (now) yahoo?
Google? - (then) Google. (now) Google!
Microsoft - (then) I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU. (now) I DON’T WANNA DIE!
Wordpress - (then) You mean TypePad, right? Or... letterpress? (now) .com or .org?
Free music - (then) Really, I thought Napster got shut down? (now) How dare you take away my god-given right to free music you capitalist swine.
Squarespace - (then) one-man operation (now) 339th fastest-growing private company in the United States.
Cost per gigabyte of hard drive space (then) about $.40. (now) about $.10.
Obama (then) Who? (now) SOCIALIST!
The U.S. - (then) WE KICK ASS, PAL, AND IF YOU DISAGREE WE WILL KICK YOUR ASS. (now) We’re cool, but, you know, if you disagree, well, we should talk.
Me - (then) Brain-damaged, single, unemployed. (now) Brain-damaged, married, two babies, unemployed.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Change is rampant and fast. Equally interesting, though, is what has not changed much.

Fender and Marshall amps (then) Mass-produced and overpriced. (now) Mass-produced and overpriced.
Fender and Gibson guitars (then) Mass-produced and overpriced. (now) Mass-produced and overpriced.
Guitar Center (then) Seller of mass-produced, overpriced gear. (now) Seller of mass- produced, overpriced gear.
Keith Richards (then) Embalmed but still alive. (now) Embalmed but still alive.