• Buddy Miller, one of the greatest harmony singers of all time.

I love harmony. Simon and Garfunkle, CSNY, The Eagles. All good, but none can hold a candle to The Beatles, the greatest harmony singers of all time, for all time, till the end of time. But up there with The Beatles I have to put Buddy Miller, a GREAT lead singer, one of the greatest in my book, and an equally great harmony singer. Buddy does the hard stuff, like Lennon, like Paul Simon (and you thought Art did the great harmony, right?). Because in harmony, what singers typically do is sing higher than the lead singer. You hear that all the time, ask someone to harmonize with you and they will look for notes above what you’re singing. But the most interesting notes — and the hardest to sing — are the ones below. Listen to Buddy Miller with Emmylou Harris and try to pick out his melody. No easy task. Now add his ability to follow her lead so effortlessly you’re barely aware that he’s doing it. Sure, they’ve rehearsed, but Emmylou is not going to sing a note-for-note version of her rehearsal performance. She’s going to follow her heart in the moment. And Buddy Miller does the same. I get chills every time I listen to these two sing this song. Hope you do, too.