A shoutout for earbits.

I few years ago I started using a service called Jango to get more exposure for my songs. If you've never heard of Jango think of it as radio for musicians who can't get on the radio. All I had to do was pay them a fee and they would play my tunes over their internet radio service. Great, right? Not so fast. Jango offers no integration with Facebook or other social services (at least not that I can figure out) and a lot of the email addresses I collected seemed less than legit. Now, I think the folks who run Jango are fine and not running a scam but, regardless, I became disenchanted. Then I heard about something called earbits. Can't remember how I discovered them, but earbits was immediately appealing to me in two key ways: (1) earbits won't play just anybody, you have to submit your music so the earbits crew can be sure your quality is at least decent; and (2) Facebook integration. Oh, and they don't charge you for incomplete plays. And they answer emails. And they're nice. I could go on and on but suffice it to say I think earbits rocks. Check them out by visiting www.earbits.com where you can listen to and discover new music for free. Pretty cool.