Of screaming kids and screaming guitars.

I started this blog/newsletter way back in 2007 as a way to chronicle both the making of my very first album, available for free here, and the recovery from my brain injury, which happened in 2006. 

Back then, I was thinking the journey would last a year or so. Ha. I finally finished the album in 2010, the year my wife and I had twins. Since then, the main music emanating from my household has sounded more like Yoko than John (not that my songs would ever be mistaken for the works of a master such as John Lennon!).

Honestly, how do parents do it? How do you work, raise a family and still find time for yourself? It seems to be impossible, especially without being wracked by guilt! But I am going to try my hardest to squeeze a bit more life into my life this year by getting back into songwriting and recording, all while still being the father I want to be to my family.

But I know my limits. There is not another album coming, not this year, maybe not ever. But that's okay because the album format is less important these days. Now it seems to be all about songs. And I've got a few songs! Some are very near to finished. Others are partially done. And another fifty exist as lines and licks (hey, that's a good album title!). To whet your earpetite (groan), here are a few titles: 

Wishing Ground
Java Junkie
Happy Fly
Weird Things With a Gun
Easier Said Than Done (lyrics by Dave Tutin)
Counting Backward to Move Forward

I hope you stay with me on this. And for all the parents out there who read this, if you have some advice, please bring it on!