Happy Fly! A new, almost finished, song for my daughter Amelia.

It's been a long time.

I've been wanting to post for eons but felt that I just had nothing much to talk about besides depressing things and who wants to read that?

But now I have a "new" song! Here's the story behind it.

Sometime around 3 years ago, maybe 4, I was in the kitchen of our SF apartment with my twin daughters, Amelia and Avalon, when Amelia suddenly burst into tears and started waving her arms and screaming the word fly. I said, "But it's a happy fly!" I couldn't believe it but she calmed down right away and I knew I had to write a song about a happy fly, which I did. But as with so much other stuff these days, getting it done has taken WAY longer than I thought. As of now, all the final track needs is a vocal, which I'm hoping Eryn Young will do. In the meantime, I am pleased to assault your ears with my scratch vocal. Have some aspirin ready...


The happy fly
Flew in through the window
He buzzed all around
Until he found a bowl of jello
Then he set right down
Smack in the middle
Rubbed his legs together
And let out a giggle

He’s the happy fly
He’s the happy fly
He’s the happy fly
He’s the
He's the happy fly
He's the happy fly
Be sure to say hello as he flies on by

The happy fly
Took off for the trash can
He saw banana peels
Bologna scraps and a chicken
So he set right down
With bzz bzz sound
Tried a bit of everything
Even coffee grounds

He’s the happy fly
He’s the happy fly
He’s the happy fly
He’s the
the happy fly
the happy fly

But then a shadow loomed
It was Mrs. Jones with a broom
And with a mighty swing
She said,“Shoo, fly, shoo!”
And then the broom came down
With a swooshing sound
Could this be the end
Of the happiest fly in town?
But just before that broom
Could hit with a boom
The happy fly
He flew right out of that room

Vocals: Me
Guitars: Timothy Matthew Young
Drums: Dave Brogan
Bass: Sam Bevan
Engineering: Jaimeson Durr
Recorded at Hyde Street Studio C, SF