• A toast to Toby. Frank would be proud.

With nary a Sinatra joke, at least not one that I remember, my friend Toby Germano finished his post wedding dinner, grabbed a mic and joined the jazz duo put together and anchored on bass by the The Mighty Sam Bevan. Now,  I will confess, some folks in the audience who know Toby were probably nervous. Would he sing AC/DC, tell a non PC joke, bite the head off of a piece of broccoli (he's a vegan)? Well, I for one was not nervous, because Toby takes family stuff VERY seriously. True to form, he belted a couple of jazz standards to the crowd's delight and astonishment (one person told me afterward, having only heard Toby do RAWK, "I didn't know he could sing like that. What a great voice!" So, cheers to Toby! And a heartfelt thank you to a great friend.

By the way, expect to be hearing Toby on a few of my tunes in the coming months! We should be heading into the studio soon.