• What's the holdup? Shouldn't I be a pop superstar by now?

As long time readers of this blog know, I was fully expecting to have an album out by now, to have played a gig or two, to have placed a tune on a TV show, to have appeared on Letterman (well, maybe not this last one). Regardless, I was not supposed to be still a legend in my own mind. No, at the very least, I was supposed to be a public embarrassment. What happened?

Relax, the news is good: I got married! Yup, tying the knot takes time, even with professional help, but it's time well spent and I'm glad I did it.

Now, however, it's back to the hard work of becoming Bigger Than Big, Supernatural, A Pop Sensation. To that end, since getting back from my honeymoon, I have been hard at work revamping this site, in order to create the best launch pad for my assured rise to fame and fortune.

New sidebar features:

- on the left, a search tab and recent posts have been added

- on the right, you have an RSS feed, so you can an this blog to your favorite RSS reader, buttons for heading directly to iTunes or Amazon, and a streaming widget, so you can listen without spending a dime

New top navigation bar features:

- a Lyrx page is taking shape, to which I am slowly but surely adding all my utterances

- the photo section is still there, and will be growing

- the Reviews Section is taking shape, still pretty slim pickens, but my goal is to review all the gear I own, plus some other stuff, as a way to help readers decide what to buy for their own projects

- Sites4Songwriters now has several new links including three from Berklee

Okay, okay, so the site has been worked over, uh, what about the music, dude?

Good question.

The holidays will soon be upon us, so late November thru December is hardly a good time to get all ambitious. HOWEVER, I am determined to end the year with more than one song to represent myself (Here Comes the Weather). Here's the plan, stated in public, an act that should help keep me motivated and focused.

- Finish "Love and Hate"

- Finish "Money, Money, Money" (needs some vocal and editing tweaks)

- Finish basic tracks for "I Got Drunk"

- Finish my electric guitar parts for Demons and Saints, 43@22, The Mighty Micky D's and Everybody's on the Phone

- Finish bass and drums for "Yo Yo"

- Finish demos of "Happiness", "Water Under The Bridge", and "Talking"

- Finish my electric guitar parts on Demons and Saints and 43@22

So, there you have it, the public list. It might grow, but I can't let it shrink. I'm 45 years old! The clock is ticking, folks.