V&S responds. And, hey, I deserve it!

Victors and Spoils has posted my comments (thank you, guys), and Evan Fry, the CD of V&S, has responded. He writes:

Thanks for your comments Jeff. It’s lively and awesome and we love your passion and typing skills. Yes, we have a plan. But not so sure that we owe anyone an explanation. Please just be patient. Or ignore us crazy loonies here as we try to do something that will satisfy all and shape perhaps a way for everyone to be happy (who knows, it’s possible and who knows, we might have a plan). Oh and we’ll respond to your email inquiring about working with us sometime very soon. Thanks buddy.

Super condescending and mean spirited, not to mention lacking in punctuation (yes, Evan should know about comma usage), but I dished it out, so I'll take the hit. Besides, what the hell am I gonna do about it? Yup, nothin'. Unless I get onto Oprah someday and can talk about how I, a Writer, was called a mere typist. Oh, the pain.

Oh, and about my email to these "loonies", it's true, I saw their site, got excited and fired off a note. Then I read more and wrote them another note saying I no longer wanted to have anything to do with them. That Evan... clever bastard for leaving this detail out!