A hard day's night.


On Tuesday evening of last week, I headed over to Hyde Street Studios for an evening session with vocalist RodDamnit and engineer Jaime Durr. To steel myself for the night, I had taken it easy all day and thought I’d be able to really put in some solid work without paying too dear a price in terms of my health (even mildly intense work, really of any kind, can lead to headaches, increased dizziness, tiresome fatigue and more).

What a fool am I.

By the end of the evening -- not very late in rock and roll terms, trust me – I was feeling the telltale signs that I might have overdone it. The next morning, as I headed off to my HBOT therapy I was sure I had overdone it. And for the rest of that day, most of Thursday and even part of Friday, I felt as though I were right on the precipice of Bad Day Gulch. I am thankful I never fell in. But life on that particular edge is awful. My mood sinks, my spirits flag, my hopes of being fully well once again some far off day get taken down a notch.

At least the tracks came out good. Everyone was patient with me, Rod sang his ass off and even the technology cooperated (we had no Pro Tools hiccups). And so the work continues. I will finish this album if it’s the last thing I do.