I can't let 2009 end on a bummer of a post, so here'e one more.

Earlier today I posted about the fact that I just learned that I suffered a stroke either a result of my brain injury or as the thing that made me lose consciousness in the first place, and I just can't stand to the end this year, my frist year of being married, on such a down note, so here is a high note.

On Saturday, December 19, after munching dim sum, I headed over to Hyde Street for a session with Larkin Gayl. It was magical (at least for me!). Larkin has one of the best voices I have ever heard, and I consider myself to be immensely lucky to be able to work with her.

I first met Larkin when she came into to Hyde Street to sing Here Comes the Weather, the first song, as it turned out, to be completed for my album. Sadly, she was under a strict contract that forbid me from using her name, so I could not credit her properly for her performance that day. But now I can, because she opted not to renew her contract. So, just because I can,


And what a singer she is. Everyone who has ever heard HCTW immediately asks, with stunned reverence, "Who's singing?" I say Larkin and then point out that she has her own album, which people then buy. Always makes me feel good! (To hear HCTW, please use the player to the right!)

Anyway, on the 19th, Larkin did harmony work on two of the songs I co-wrote with my friend Dave Tutin (me/music, Dave/words) and her voice simply made the songs bloom. Dave Brogan, the lead singer on the songs, has a rough, dry voice with tremendous character and texture, while Larkin's voice is buttery smooth and rich. Together, their voices are like chocolate over a biscotti. Wait, that simile just doesn't do justice to the performance! Suffice it to say, I am very, very happy.

If the stars align, and Jupiter moves into the house of Venus and a certain volcano in India explodes and an eyelash I wished on awhile ago does what's right, the songs Larkin sang on recently will be released on an EP by Dave Tutin and me by February 1, 2010. Stay tuned!

And buy Larkin's album here if you haven't already!

Larkin on Amazon

Larkin on iTunes