• The Solo That Had To Die. Hey, sometimes the solo just has to go.

For the last several weeks, I've been working on a new song with Dave Tutin. Dave wrote the words, and they are KILLER , in my opinioni, so I really, really want to do them justice.

This has not been easy.

Early versions didn't have enough tension/release, they were too slow, I couldn't figure out how to incoporate the middle 8, and on and on. As I worked, I tried to save stuff I shouldn't have, which, of course, just makes it harder in the end to really achieve the right arrangement. One of those "stuffs" was a guitar solo. I liked it because it evoked, for me, at least, late Beatels stuff -- Abby Road, Let It Be -- and I just love the way the Beatles kept even their softer songs ROCK with great guitar work. However, my philosophy is SONG ÜBER ALLES, so the solo had to go, because it just didn't fit.

I'll post the final demo of the song, as soon as Dave and I agree it's cool, but till then, here is The Solo That Had To Die.