• Let there be rock. Rough mix and all.

Since the only song I've posted so far is a piano-driven tear jerker, and I go to talk therapy and talk about my feelings, I'm a little worried that my growing multitude of fans will think I'm part of Clint Eastwood's Pussy Generation. So here is a rough mix of one of the rockers that will be on my upcoming album (tentatively titled "Greatest Hits"). The guitar solo sucks almost as bad as Vista, but my friend Toby Germano will rectify this sad state of affairs in the coming weeks by giving his Strat deep tissue massage through a mutherfuckin' Marshall half stack.

VOCALS: Rod Middleton (in photo)

GUITARS: Some weirdo with a brain a injury

DRUMS: Andy "The Conundrum" Korn

ENGINEERING & MIXING: Jamie Durr @ Hyde Street Studio C

BOOZE: Maker's Mark