The last mile seems as long as first 99. Or, "Damn, finishing my album is murder."

For the past several months, I have been a month away from finishing my album. Today, I am about two months away.


The problem is twofold:

1) The number of I's that need to be dotted and T's crossed is staggering. Now I understand why Axl took ten years to record Chinese Democracy (well, I don't, but I do).

2) I'm a doubt-riddled perfectionist who just can't stand the thought of wishing I had done something different. Should that chorus have repeated? Is that the best word? Why, why, why did I have the singer hit THAT note? Is my guitar playing really in time?

Despite these issues, progress is being made. On Monday, Sam Bevan (in photo) was able to fix a few notes in Yo Yo (my perfectionism caused me to rethink about four bass notes in the verses to the point where I HAD TO REDO THEM. HAD TO. He also fixed some notes in Indecision, because I had told him the wrong chords during the initial session for this song, a fact I only discovered when reworking the lyrics for the zillionth time with Jeff Tuttle, who co-wrote the song with me and will sing it, said, "Dude, did you change a chord? What's recorded is totally different from what we originally wrote, and the melody doesn't exactly work."

All of which reminds me: I have the best team of people imaginable helping me with this project. Seriously, I do. And over the next few days I'll do a series of posts on the core Playa's: Sam Bevan, Andy Korn, Tim Young and Jaime Durr. These guys are THE BEST.