Another crummy video!

Okay, I'll never be a threat to Hollywood, but I am determined to learn the basics of video production, so I am showing up everywhere with my trusty Canon point-and-shoot, which also has a video mode. I'm starting with iMovie, but I plan to move on to Premier, since I own it and I think it would offer a lot more creative possibilities than iMovie down the road.

This video starts at the entrance to Hyde Street Studios, where I do all my recording. I meant to shoot from the OUTSIDE all the way in, but I'm an idiot and started INSIDE. Anyway, the video takes you from Hyde Street's posh, elegant lobby up to the inner sanctum of Studio C. The guy at the end is Jaime Durr, THE BEST ENGINEER ON THE PLANET!

Oh, and I apologize for the crap quality of the music track. I wanted to use the version from Hyde Street, but I could not figure out how to make a loop in Pro Tools, so I fired up the drum machine and the SansAmp and re-played the riff I wanted. I don't sound nearly as good as Tim Young and Andy Kkorn, who play on the final track!

If you're wondering about the riff, it's from a tune called Waitress Blues that I wrote with Dave Tutin. It will appear on Deep Salvage, which will be released sometime before I die.