Ah spring, a perfect time of year to tell the Demon of Why Bother to go f--k himself.

Today is a April 1, a day most people attempt to fool others – or maybe even themselves. But not me. I am deadly serious on this most un-serious of days, for it is the first day of a very important month, the month during which I will finish my first album.

Standing in my way, as he has my entire life, is the Demon of Why Bother, a particularly loathsome creature that likes to wait until the last possible minute before jumping in front of me and saying things like, “What are you doing this for?”, “No one really cares, you know”, and the always effective “It’s not going to change anything”.

Despite his limited range of thought and vocabulary, the Demon of Why Bother is awfully persuasive, but this time he has waited too long to stop me. If I still had songs to finish, it would be a different story, because the process of songwriting brings out a whole host of demons for me, any one of which has the power to stop me cold. But all I’ve got left to do right now is a check-list. And despite the Demon of Why Bother’s massive uptick in activity of late, it’s cool. I can ignore him (mostly).

So hear this, Demon! I will beat you and come May you will have to listen to my album EVERY GODDAMNED DAY FOR AT LEAST A MONTH — PROBABLY MUCH LONGER.