America and rock and roll defined.

When I see stuff like this, I get a touch patriotic. I just love how a car like this is so quintessentially American, from it’s brash chrome-clad blackness, to the aggressive grill, to the oozing pride. But what really makes this car American is the license plate. You just don’t see vanity plates like this outside of the U S of A. Truly, I mean, I lived in Europe for years and I don’t recall seeing a one. But even better than the fact that the plate is a vanity plate is what the plate says. I mean, how great is that? A great big fat middle finger to the Pope and every other religious “leader” out there spouting fairy tales and expecting you to believe them or live in eternal hell or whatever. Super cool. Best of all, this car re-fires not only my love for America but also my love for rock and roll. On first seeing the car, I thought of the song Hot Rod Lincoln, an ode to youthful joy, the open road and the simple fact that breaking the law can be downright fun and harmless and necessary (on occasion) – all intrinsic to the American ethos. Damn, I kinda want a cheeseburger, Coke and fries right about now.