Driving Deep Salvage.

This morning, I drove down to Woodside to meet my Dad for breakfast. I took 280, probably the most beautiful 8-lane freeway in the world. Heading south, the mountains on your right hold back the Pacific Ocean and on the left they hold back suburbia. The valley in between, through which 280 runs, is the San Andreas Fault. 

I have driven this stretch of road a thousand times, but today, I saw it anew, as it provided the backdrop to my first ever start-to-end playthrough of Deep Salvage, the album I'm making with Dave Tutin. The songs are not totally 100% mixed yet, but all are just about 99.9% ready, so I figured I'd throw caution to the wind and give the album an ever-so-slightly premature listen.

All in all, I'm pleased. Dave's words are great, the performances are all peerless, my music is solid. I wishwishwish I could just be ecstatic about the result, but even I were to paint the Mona Lisa, I would nitpick, it's just the way I am. However, despite my triathlete level of self criticism, I -- at certain points -- found myself just listening to the songs and tapping my foot and playing my steering wheel drum set and taking in the view.

I hope, down the road, that a lot of people have a similar experience to the record (without the self-criticism part!). 

Deep Salvage will be available in about 2 weeks as a digital download, a little longer for all the Luddites out there (hey, I'm one!) who still like physical media.