A finished unfinished song...

Last week was nuts, but this week I've had a bit more free time, so I've been going through my lyric folders on Google docs. I have three for my stuff: Finished, Unfinished, Old Versions and Too Dumb To Bother With. As of today, I have gone through my Finished folder (and made a few tweaks!), and one of the 31 lyrics completely escapes my memory. Truly, I cannot recall writing it at all. Weird... Anyway, it will be moving to the Unfinished folder because this mess isn't a song. Yet.


It's all been said
It's all been done
There's nothing you can win
That hasn't been won

You can try
To turn a phrase
Make up a new word 
Or sing your lover's praise

You can whisper
You can scream
You can shout
About your dreams

But put pen to paper
Fingers to strings
Open your mouth
Start hitting things
Build something up 
Tear something down
What you're trying to express
Is as old as sound

But you'll do it anyway
You'll do it till your blue
Because it hasn't been done
Till it's been done by you