The last mile. (Or, nearing the final leg of my journey to making an album.)

Over the course my too-many-yeared advertising career, I have learned about and written about a whole lotta Internet stuff. Go ahead, ask me about MPLS, packets, TCP/IP. You could probably partially stump me on some of the truly esoteric stuff, or if you wanted to go deep and quiz me on just exactly how a teensy piece of silicon can transmit a mighty Led Zeppelin riff from my house to a friend’s, I might draw a blank, but overall, I’ve got more than a little geek cred in my tech terminology talents. 

Anyway, one of the few tech terms stored away in my brain that feel a touch poetic is “the last mile”. Wiki defines it as the “final leg of delivering connectivity from a communications provider to a customer”. Sounds simple, right? Like, oh, this is the easy part, isn’t it? Nope. The last mile is the hardest distance to travel in all of communicationdom. It’s where fast meets slow, optical meets copper, new meets old, neat meets messy. A tangled web, you might say. And exactly what my brain feels like (see photo) as I near the release of my first album with my friend Dave Tutin.

Why all the coalescing confusion, you ask. Sadly, I’m a perfectionist and just as anything can only ever get halfway closer to the speed of light, I can only ever get halfway to perfect. My last mile is forever only half-way there. Still, I am pressing on. Knowing there are flaws, things I would like to change, parts I would like to adjust ever so slightly, I am doing my very best to simply stop very near to Perfect and say, “Finished!”

All that remains to be “perfected” is the harmony arrangement in the chorus of one song. Jaime Durr is tweaking my third thought on this, and if all goes according to plan, he will send over a mix today, and with it, I will be able to send everything off the to mastering service!

The last mile will be traversed at last.