Vestiges of a lost session.

Way back in 2007 — I cannot believe it has been that long but it has — I started work on my album, which remains unreleased, and one of the first songs to be recorded was called Coming Together (By Falling Apart). The song was about how my fall led to a huge strengthening of the relationship between Catherine and me, and I had hopes of getting Buddy Miller to sing it. My Buddy Miller hopes, however, are mostly dashed at this point (he's linked up with some nobody who goes by the name of Robert Plant), but the song has only grown in importance for me. (At my wedding three of the very finest human beings this planet is likely to ever produce sang it, and the song is now going to be, for me, the centerpiece of my album.)

Sadly, in holding out my candle for Buddy Miller, I let the song sit unchecked for well over a year, and when I recently found someone else to sing it, I went back to review the tracks and… they are all corrupted. All that remains is a heap of file parts, none complete save for a stereo rough mix of the bass and drums. I debated whether or not to rebuild the song on this last remaining complete track, but I can't, because I have made some changes to the chords and without the bass being separated, I don’t have the flexibility to do much of anything besides hard edits, which won't do the trick.

And so begins a deep salvage operation of a different kind. I'm recording a new demo now with the finalized chords and arrangement, which I will send to The World's Greatest Guitarist, Tim Young (the dude who rocks Deep Salvage), and then to Scott Siever for drums and then to The Mighty Sam Bevan for bass. I wish I could use Andy Korn for drums, but he's uprooted to Oregon and I just can't wait the months in would be if I tried to record with him here in SF on his next visit.

Once this song is re-recorded, the finish line for my album should be in clear sight and I plan to announce a release date. Stay tuned!