Hangin' with the bandcamp crew, yo.

A few days ago, Ethan Diamond, the High King of the Glory That Is bandcamp sent out an invite to all bandcampians for a happy hour meet-up at the Makeout Room in S.F. At first, I debated whether or not to go, as I am not much of a party animal these days and the prospect of sitting in a bar and yelling at people (that's what bar conversations are, right?) just did not appeal. But a chance to hang with the 'camp proved too cool a prospect to pass up, so off I went yesterday at about 5:00 P.M. In true bandcamp fashion, the meet-up was a gracious, generous and flawless affair. On entering the Makeout Room, one simply uttered the sacred word, bandcamp, and one was given a free drink ticket. Pretty damn cool. I opted for a quadruple shot of 200 proof club soda and took a seat at the bar. In minutes, Jen, a woman from the Inner Sanctum of the 'camp, sat next to me, and she, another bandcampian and I talked for the next hour. Jen wanted to know what was good about bandamp and what could be even more divine. I had a few ideas but the bandcampian at the bar with us, Dustin, had some GREAT ones and I am confident that in time bandcamp will become more perfect. Feeling my dizzies intensifying a little bit, I knew my witching hour had arrived, and so I excused myself at about 6:30 to head home. I gave Dustin and Jen Deep Salvage CDs and got ready to take my leave, but spotted Ethan (see photo) and just had to say hey. We talked for a few minutes and he remembered me from some email exchanges and was eager to hear some of the music I've been working on, so from my Deep Salvage stash I grabbed another magic disc and gave it to him along with a sincere Thank You for creating bandcamp, THE BEST MUSIC SERVICE IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE FOR INDEPENDENT MUSICIANS.