Sammy Hagar’s Chickenfoot stomps on my album release plans.

People are always saying done is better than perfect. But somewhere between done and perfect lies great — and great is what I am shooting for with my album. So several weeks ago, when Jaimeson Durr, the engineer I’ve been working with since early 2007 on Cerebellum Blues, told me very early in 2011 that he might be unavailable for at least a month starting in late January,  I felt a twinge of concern. I had loudly announced my deadline of March 1 to the world and I was a tiny bit worried that even though time seemed ample (considering that we had so little left to do) once I again I would have to move my deadline. We worked fast and furious, but as the end of the month loomed and Jaime’s new commitment suddenly seemed not so far away at all, I began to rush things. And in between calls to the studio, diaper changes, quick visits to the control room, downloads from guitarista Tim Young in LA and stroller rides -- not to mention the creation of a video for a song I wrote welcoming my twin girls to the world -- it hit me: I was about to go with done over great instead of just wait one more month, and suddenly the decision was easy. I would wait. Yet again.

So what’s this big commitment of Jaime’s? The Red Rocker called Jaime and said the session was on. As I said, Jaime had warned me that this might happen. He assisted with the engineering of Sammy Hagar’s first Chickenfoot album and had told me that Sammy was talking about doing another one. The tentative start date was late January of 2011, but since nothing ever happens on time in rock and roll I didn’t worry about it too much. Besides, I was still thinking like a pre-parent when it came to time management. Turns out Sammy is a punctual man and the sessions began Wednesday of last week.

Am I bummed? Not really. I’ve worked so long and hard on this album and I just refuse to be rushed. Plus, I’m super stoked for Jaime. I mean, how cool? Hagar, Joe Satriani, Chad Smith and Michael Anthony? Damn, I hope I can finagle my way into a session (not to play, just to hang out). Back in the ‘70s, I was a huge Hagar fan. His work with Ronnie Montrose rocks to this day (Make It Last, Rock Candy, Bad Motor Scooter, Rock the Nation). And despite all the naysayers about Michael Anthony, who could have been better as a bass player behind Eddie? He was perfect. Chad Smith? ‘Nuff said. And Joe Satriani is a space alien and I have always wanted to meet a space alien.

Further, Cerebellum Blues guitarista Tim Young is headed to Europe for a one month tour with Laura Veirs (she’s killer and you should check her out), so if I had needed any more overdubs from him, we  would have had to deal with some tough logistics.

Given all my excuses, I would not be at surprised in the least if some of you out there are thinking that maybe I don’t have an album yet, maybe I keep putting the thing off because in truth I ain’t got much. I understand. So to give you a hint of what’s to come, here is an un-mastered version of a song called “We Tell the Best Lies to Ourselves” (appropriate for me, I think). If you would like to be able to download the song for free, send me an email (use the form to the right) and I will send you an MP3. Free, of course!

We Tell the Best Lies to Ourselves by jeffshattuck