Check out my new Facebook artist page. Photos galore and more to come.

As the release date for my album gets closer (I hope), I've redone my Facebook artist page. It's now called Cerebellum Blues, instead of Jeff Shattuck's Songs, and contains tons of photos from all the recording sessions over the past several years, starting in early 2007. There are also photos of other stuff and everything is pretty well organized in albums. There's even a player you can use to listen to some of the tracks I've already posted. To visit the page, just click the little Facebook "F" in the upper right of this blog, right under "Social Stuff." And if you like it, Like it and become a fan (feels weird to ask that, but, well, that's the world today).

PS - If you were a fan of Jeff Shattuck's Songs, and you still want to be a fan, you have to re-like or whatever on the new page. Sorry about this, but I just hated the name Jeff Shattuck's Songs!

PS - As for the FB button at the bottom of this page, it links to my Facebook profile, which is different from my regular page in ways only a brainiac like Zuckerberg can figure out quickly. Me, it's going to take awhile.