• My album is back on track. Really, it is. Trust me.

Ever since I started running into snags in the process of making my album, I’ve joked that I’m still not as bad as Axl Rose, who took ten years or so to finish “Chinese Democracy”. And so I remain, because I am happy to report that proofs for the new artwork arrived today and, save for one typo, look good. The same could not be said for my last round of proofs, which were riddled with errors I somehow missed (lack of sleep caused by twin-itis maybe?) and became box after box of CDs I’m really not sure what to do with (I have some ideas). Save for the massive waste of money, though, I’m glad to have had the chance to redo things. The new artwork is much better, the new song order is better and the copy inside the album that describes the album’s origins is tighter. So, the million dollar question is: when will it be available? Within three weeks, give or take a few days. To all those who have stayed with this blog throughout my bumpy journey I offer a huge Thank You. And free music, because most of the tracks will be available for download with no requirement to upload cash first! Stay tuned.