• Recording the third song of my second album and Joe Strummer Is Dead.

Monday was a whirlwind. Had a four-hour session with drummer Andy Korn and bassist Sam Bevan and when it was all over, I wasn’t sure I’d gotten what I wanted but I sure knew I had fun. Per usual, Andy and I ran through the songs White Stripes style, just bass and drums, and per usual it felt great to play loud guitar with loud drums. Sigh, wish I could do that more often. The first song we did was Hope, which will be the third song on my second album, an EP I’ve mostly finished writing, and the second song was Joe Strummer Is Dead, which will be the B-side to my political rant single, Stop Wasting My Time. I know, I know, what the hell am I doing working on upcoming albums when my first isn’t even out yet? To answer fully would require a longer post, but essentially I’m getting as much stuff in the can as possible, so that when I return to full-time work (soon, I hope!) I will be able to still release music but not have to spend much time in the studio. Speaking of releasing music, I am now awaiting final proofs of my first album and will hit the go button to start manufacturing in about a week! Stay tuned.