• Something bluesy this way comes (album update).

I started this blog ton February 28, 2007, at around 8:30 in the morning. Here’s the first paragraph of my first post:

“Welcome. I'm starting this blog to chronicle the making of my first record, or CD, or whatever such things are called in today's world of ones and zeros. I hope for all who read this, you will be inspired to comment and critique.”

Looking back at that first paragraph, I’m surprised at how light my tone was. I had just gone on full-time disability and, truth be told, I was bad enough off that the doctors who saw me thought I was done, my recovery was basically over and I was going to be struggling to cope with everyday tasks much less a profession of any sort for the rest of my life. I was still sleeping upwards of 12 hours a night, plus a few during the day. My headaches were so frequent that I was taking enough Excedrin and Imitrex to have my primary neurologist tell me to stop cold turkey for at least a week. My head shook so violently at times that my neck is still a mess as a result (the whiplash didn’t help either).

At the time, I thought the album would be done in three to four months but after a false start with one team and a reboot with another, I was behind schedule and over-budget before I knew it. I still thought I would be done by the end of the year, though.

Now, as 2010 slips farther back in the rear view mirror and 2011 looks to be here to stay, I am pleased and relieved to announce that the final session for the album will be this week on May 18. After that, mastering and replication should take maybe two weeks and then I will be done! Man, I cannot wait, not only to be finished, but also to get on to the next album and the next.

To all who have read this blog over the years, thank you. Your comments and interest have been a huge motivator for me.