• The last waltz for my first album.

Yesterday, I met bassist/keboardist Sam Bevan and engineer Jaimeson Durr at Hyde Street Studio C to record the final tracks for my first album, which will be called Cerebellum Blues, Playlist One.  

Outside the studio the day was sunny, inside it was sunny, too. We all felt good to be wrapping up this album so we can get on to what’s next, and the session went fast and smooth. Our only break was a lunch at nearby Morty’s, and otherwise we were focused. Now, all that remains is a bit of re-amping and final mixing, which will happen in a few weeks, then everything will be sent off for mastering, replication and packaging.

I wish I had time to write more about yesterday, but just as I came home last night to hungry babies, I’m now dashing off this post with a baby monitor and cup of coffee to my left, and I am well into my 45 minute allotment to get this post done, use my Brainport and clean up a bit before the babies awake with a couple of squalls. Oh, and I awoke with a migraine, so I’m nursing an Imitrex hangover.

Ah, the life of a rock god.
(If you're interested, here are more photos from yesterday's session.)