• Kenny Loggins Songwriting Seminar and Critique at MI / GIT in 1986-7: Part Two, live Q&A .

In 1986-87, I studied guitar at G.I.T. (Guitar Institute of Technology, now called MI, short for Musicians Institute, click here to read an older post about my time at G.I.T.), and I got to attend and record a songwriting seminar/screening that Kenny Loggins held at the school. Here's part two. For part part one, click here.

8 QA 1 - recording by Cerebellum Blues

Kenny Loggins talks about his technique for recording ideas. His answer tells you how far we've come — and how nothing's really changed.

9 QA 2 - sadness vs. joy by Cerebellum Blues

Some asks, "Where does the emotion come from that drives your music" and the answer is way more interesting than you might expect and Kenny Loggins talks about writing from joy vs. sadness.

10 QA - do you know which songs will be hits by Cerebellum Blues

Does Kenny Loggins know which of songs will be hits? What do you think?

11 QA - how much do you let other music influence your writing by Cerebellum Blues

Somebody has the gall to ask if Kenny Loggins ever steals ideas from others. The answer is graceful and feels very truthful.

12 QA - arrangment by Cerebellum Blues

Does Kenny have his arrangements worked out before going into the studio or not? And is this a good idea?

13 QA - on going into the studio with a song that's not ready by Cerebellum Blues

Another ballsy question, another great answer.

14 QA - writers block by Cerebellum Blues

Does the mighty Kenny Loggins ever suffer writer's block? Does a bear...

15 QA - what a fool believes by Cerebellum Blues

On writing an iconic song with Michael McDonald. A funny, cool story.