• Album update: Sweet Virginia.

I just realized I don’t think I ever explicitly posted that Catherine, the babies and I have uprooted from San Francisco and moved to Virginia Beach, VA, for the summer. Well, we have. We are living in Catherine’s brother’s condo while our SF place sits empty, happily gobbling up thousands of dollars a month. How can we afford this? We can’t, but we’re doing it just the same and will deal with the consequences down the road (kinda like the US government!). More to the point, why are we doing this? I think the simplest answer is summer. To explain: the whole rest of the world seems to think that California is summer sun year-round. Well, it’s not, especially in San Francisco, where summer means cold, fog and gusty winds. Personally, I don’t mind SF’s Arctic summers that much, but they drive Catherine nuts. So, given that I’m not working and  Catherine’s not working and her brother is on deployment in Afghanistan, we were able come out here to Virginia and to live rent-free and enjoy some true summer weather and time at the beach. So far, the trip has been everything we’d hoped for and I cannot believe it’s already August. I also can’t believe my album is still not out! But, I have good news: the artwork is done and the final, final, final, final mixing is done and so now all that remains is for one song to be mastered and then for me to give oasiscd.com the go-ahead to print 1000 (gulp) discs and that should happen as soon as mastering is completed, most likely next week. Wish me luck.