• Album update: the luxury of waiting.

As of today, there is only one thing holding back my album: the mastering of a single song. I should receive a test version today or tomorrow, and when I do, I’m pretty certain I will approve it, and then I will send it to OasisCD and as soon as I have the pressed CDs in my hands, I will start offering downloads and the like.

Throughout this process, waiting has been a constant: waiting for ideas, waiting for studio time, waiting to hear back from people, waiting for a headache to subside, waiting to find the right singer, waiting just to see if anything pops up that’s worth waiting for. As, yes, the waiting has been hard, at times the hardest part, but it is a luxury I am glad to have. In adland, which was my only creative outlet before my accident, I was always on a tight schedule of some kind and waiting was almost never an option. Mostly, the schedule was dictated by a client desire to be in-market by a certain date, but regardless of the reason, the result was almost always the same: compromise. For radio, I would have to pick the talent that was available, not the talent I wanted. Same with TV. For print, many times The Perfect Photographer was busy, so I went with the less-than-perfect guy. Now, I admit, on occasion, having to go with my second, third or fourth choice turned out to be a great choice, maybe even the best choice, but the years of compromising created in me a deep seated desire to be able to do a project without compromise of any sort. To do things in the very best way I thought I could do them, and to wait until the resources were available if I felt I did not have what I needed. In short, to do right things right.

Waiting is no fun, but in this case, I welcome it because it’s a choice I have so rarely been able to make, at least creatively.